Quality promise

The stainless steel raw materials used in our company's production are all sourced from high-quality original belts produced by large domestic and foreign smelting enterprises, and all physical and chemical properties meet the requirements of relevant standards.

The material of our company's sealing ring is made of imported rubber material. The material performance is far higher than the national standard after being tested by the national professional authority.

With advanced fully automatic digital production equipment and strict internal control indicators, each product has undergone strict air tightness testing as a backing for reliable quality.

Product quality is strictly implemented in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system standards.

Sales commitment

The company provides product brochures, installation guides and related inspection reports.

Product introduction, material selection, and related questions and answers.

Strictly follow the contract and fulfill the delivery time limit to ensure that the customer installs on time.

After-sales commitment

There are professional after-sales service personnel to provide customers with technical support and services.

When receiving feedback on quality problems, the company will arrange technicians to deal with it on site within 3 working days until the customer is satisfied.

The commissioner visits customers regularly, establishes customer files, and insists on personalized service.