Sincere recruitment of high quality agents in China

  • Product quality assurance

    All the raw materials produced by the company are derived from the 2B strip of famous big steel mills in China. The sealing ring has reached the food level health standard, the aging resistance is strong, and the quality of the product is the basic of the enterprise's survival.

  • A complete series of products

    Complete series of products, double card pressure series, socket welding series, groove clamp series.

  • A complete series of products

    Pre-sale, sale, after sale tracking service guarantee, 24 hours all-weather technology and business support company for customers to understand the company and products, star service system, professional service team, professional solutions, demand for different projects, and solve customers' use in time. That's the problem.

technical support

The company has a professional R & D team, produced by the "Zheng Tong" brand double card pipe fittings obtained a number of patents.